Blog Tips for Growing the Perfect Lawn this Summer May 05, 2023

It’s finally summertime, and that means your lawn needs more care and attention to stay lush and healthy all season long. Whether you’re a lawn care enthusiast or just trying to keep your yard looking as nice as possible, here are a few tips for growing the perfect lawn this summer.

First and foremost, it’s important to make sure your lawn is getting enough water. If you’re not sure how much water your lawn needs, the general rule of thumb is about 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. You can measure this by using a rain gauge or by simply placing small containers around your lawn and then measuring the amount of water that collects in them. However, it’s important to note that the amount of water your lawn needs may vary depending on the type of grass you have and the climate you live in.

Another key to growing the perfect lawn this summer is to mow your grass at the right height. Generally, you want to keep your grass a bit longer, as this will help to protect it from the hot summer sun and prevent it from drying out. To determine the right mowing height for your grass, check with your local garden center or do some research online to find out the recommended mowing height for your specific grass type.

Fertilizing your lawn is also important for having a beautiful, healthy lawn this summer. Fertilizer helps to provide essential nutrients to your grass and helps it to grow strong and vibrant. It’s important to note that different types of grass require different types of fertilizer, so make sure you’re using the right type for your grass. Additionally, only fertilize your lawn when the soil is damp and make sure to water your lawn immediately after applying the fertilizer to help it absorb the nutrients.

Weeds are also a common problem in lawns during the summer months. To prevent weeds from taking over your lawn, make sure you pull them out as soon as you spot them. Additionally, make sure you’re mowing your lawn on a regular basis and that you’re cutting the grass at the right height so that sunlight isn’t able to reach the weed’s roots. If you’re still having trouble with weeds, you may want to consider using a weed killer or a pre-emergent herbicide to keep them under control.

Finally, it’s important to aerate your lawn on a regular basis. Aeration helps to keep your lawn healthy by allowing water, air, and fertilizer to reach the grass’ roots more easily. Additionally, aeration can help reduce compaction and promote better absorption of nutrients. If you’re not sure how to aerate your lawn, you can rent an aerator from a local home improvement store or hire a professional lawn care company to do it for you.

With these tips in mind, you’re sure to have the perfect lawn this summer. Just remember to water, mow, fertilize, control weeds, and aerate your lawn on a regular basis and you’ll be well on your way to having the lushest, healthiest lawn on the block!

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